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Bored with poorly designed template based websites? Sick of waiting for your website to load? We have a solution for you. We can build you something completely different and we promise it will be lightning fast... 

For less than you think

Snazzy Webs offer affordable custom website design, tailored to your needs. We focus on website performance, usability and accessibility. With an emphasis on simple yet effective, we design and develop websites which are free of gimmicks and clutter, quick to load, and get your message across quickly and clearly. 

Online Presence is in your hands

Establishing a web presence is fast becoming the most productive way of presenting your business.
A well-designed website will enable you to advertise and promote your business, products and services to existing customers as well as to the millions of potential customers out there who are now using the Internet.

And What They Say:

I previously had a wordpress website which was loading forever. I remember once I got an e-mail from a customer, who said he was waiting for it to load, he got bored and went to grab a quick lunch. Well when he got back it was still loading. I'm glad this nightmare is over. My new website is fast and does not break. Thanks guys!

Jim Bailey

Before these guys have built my current website I had a website which was constantly slow and required everyday maintenance. It used 50 or more plugins which become obsolete everyday and someone had to update them. Have I mentioned I had to pay for it monthly? Well - my new website doesnt need anything and is running smoothly for 10 months now.

Scott Jackson

My website was designed very quickly and built within a week. I have received many compliments about its design from my customers and I haven't  had any problems with it at all. These guys are full professionals and keep they deliver what was in the contract. And this is what I like. They are definitely not cheap, as you know - cheap can't be good. 

Brandon Lee

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