The Causes of Broken Website Content

Broken website content is a very common issue that extends missing images, faulty formatting, media buffering and among other issues regarding broken contents. Broken web contents are initially caused by ineffective web designs and wrong digitalisation of website modification. Additionally, all the pages in your site that are containing images, embedded videos, call to action buttons, email forms and among other elements that require codes and design can cause a faulty web content.

Broken HTML Tags

Broken HTML tags will project headings in your content looking like a normal text category. Also, bold and italic features will not reflect on the content while extra space between paragraphs are eyesores. Broken HTML tags are often caused by the wrong “source code”.

If you look at the codes made the developer, you may notice that the codes with “<” and “>” on both sides come in pairs. If the opening and closing tags on the codes do not match, the texts inside those codes will restrict the command. However, if you are not an IT expert, it’ll not be ideal to edit them yourself. You can change or modify using only your WordPress dashboard. A broken HTML can be feasible for anybody to fix as long as you don’t disturb any other codes on the HTML. But if you feel uncomfortable fixing it yourself, you will need to hire someone who knows about coding.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) Problems

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CSS issues often project broken font, font size, overlapping feeds, and alignment. It is often caused by an outdated or broken code. CSS is akin to HTML; thus if HTML is obsolete, faulty or not compatible with the CSS, then it will be likely for the pages to look broken. Moreover, broken pages are sometimes caused by a new plugin installed that is not akin to your existing system or something in your sheet style that is not working.

CSS significantly controls how your page appears when visited. If the CSS is not designed well, objects and texts on your page will still be there but then the format will be out of place.

If you can’t find the problem of CSS from your HTML, it is best to hire a front-end developer to handle your CSS issues. It is not recommended to do it yourself if you don’t have the right background and experience. You might cause other problems to your website.

Errors in JavaScript

JavaScript errors will project a fine-looking page. However, there will be elements on the pages and expanding menu that will not load or lead you to its intended page. JavaScript is a system that developers use to create a functional website. It is utilised to aid in loading the elements or media load separately without interruptions from the rest of the page. This action always calls for running “scripts” to retrieve data from another platform. JavaScript errors typically need a web developer to fix. 

A Missing File Source

This issue will show broken images on your webpage and PDFs that do not download. Images and documents hosted on your website which means these elements are housed in the URL as well as your pages and posts. Thus, even if you change the URL, these elements will still disappear in every page or place you put them.

A missing file source can be feasible for someone without much knowledge about web development. If you find that the item you uploaded only appears in one place, you can easily edit the code of the page and substitute the correct URL. to find the right URL, go back to the media library and look for the image or document you want to modify. However, if the image still appears on random pages, it is best to re-upload and enter the original URL.

It is important for your website’s content to look as perfect as possible. Your marketing efforts will be of no good if your online profile is faulty and sketchy. If you want to have web pages that look impressive as you imagine them to be, hire a professional to get the job right and done properly.  

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