WordPress Guide: How to Fix a Slow Website

It's not as difficult as you may think!

It is vital for your WordPress to run smoothly to promote the best customer experience possible. It will take a lot of troubleshooting to significantly speed up your WordPress website. It takes a lot of patience and critical thinking to ensure its flawless operations. However, most WordPress issues come from poor standard web hosting or any hosting-related problems.

Common Reasons Why Your WordPress Runs Slow

 - Poor quality hosting that is not on par with the traffic on your website.
- The absence of caching plugins.
- The absence of CDN (Content Delivery Network) which reduces host loading.
- The images are not compressed or optimised.
- HTTPS or HTTP2 is not utilised.
- Out of date PHP.
- plugins are obsolete.  

Mobile versions of Wordpress fairly often have poor loading speeds

Slow WordPress Solutions 

Use High-Quality Website Hosting
Properly configured server can substantially accelerate the speed of your WordPress. A web host with HTTP2 protocol system will make all the difference the performance of your website. It is efficient, fast, and dependable. Thus, stray away from the low-quality cheap web hosts. A little additional cost for your WordPress will enhance your digital marketing competency.

Moreover, it is also ideal to host your site in a location where you garner most of your visitors. If you are based in Australia and you have clients from another country where your web host is located, it is likely for the website to load slower for those who are based in Australia.

The Importance of Web Hosting
Your web host is the core foundation of every activity you perform online. It is an important tool to successfully implement SEO, Google rankings, Adwords, Facebook ads, and all other important assets that your site generates. Hence, if you have a reliable, fast, and efficient web host will make all your digital activities flawless.  It will make a direct influence on your revenue, productivity and your overall brand image online. When one of our clients - Inside Out Safety moved to our hosting, their SEO rankings went up quite significantly. Page Speed is a known ranking factor for quite a while now.

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Another key essential of WordPress is the utilisation of caching. Caching is responsible for processing the pages before your visitor requests a certain page on your website. It prebuilds the
pages to keep WordPress ready to load quickly when needed. Some caching plugins are separately installed in the system while some come with a web host. Built-in caching is typically faster than an independent caching plugin. However, note that every WordPress site must only have one caching plugin and it is vital to have a backup before performing caching.  

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Content Delivery Network (CDN) or Cloudflare Utilisation

Cloudflare is a service in your website hosting that helps speed up online activities. It is an efficient DNS hosting provider that accelerates WordPress services. On top of that, most websites can opt for a free plan. It is also CDN host that significantly speeds up your WordPress for visitors outside your designated location. Hence, if you find that you have a built-in Cloudflare in your web host, just simply turn-on your C-panel. CDN proven its effectiveness for one of clients - Welding Superstore. Speed results jumped up from 20 to 60 on mobile on most pages like: https://www.weldingsuperstore.com.au/welding-torches/

Content Delivery Network
CDN is a network of servers on a global scale that hosts a part of the website and the website’s associated data. It is an important tool used to serve international visitors. CDN is typically closer to internet users in contrast to the web host. Thus, it promotes fast loading to users. Additionally, CDN servers also absorb web traffic in your site which helps in the efficiency.  

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