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Website Design

We design and build professional websites which are attractive and effective, easy to navigate, and comply with current web design standards. Using latest technologies & HTML5, CSS3, javascript we create websites which load fast and are user friendly

Website Fixes

Already have a website but it's looking a bit tired and not achieving the results you'd hoped? Unfortunately, looking tired may not be the only reason those results aren't being achieved. The coding and page structure of your older site may have become out-dated and no longer ranking well in search engines.  Ask us to assess your current site and make recommendations on improvements to bring your site up to current standards, as well as the price and steps involved to do so.

Website Maintenance?

Bullshit. We do not offer anything like this. Your website will be properly built and would not require any maintenance. It will last for years. There is nothing which could be broken. If you will have any problems with your website, we will check it out for you and assess the problem. Your website might be down only because some files will be deleted or there will be a problem with your hosting. If you will host your website with us - evrything will be free of charge.

Webiste Hosting

See those servers on the left? They are not ours, but the images looks nice... Anyway - we do have a few dedicated servers which are properly configured and are really fast. We offer free backups up to 6 months back and 99,9% uptime. We can use a dns failover to makes sure your website will be always up.

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